Career: 3rd-person science, objective observation.
Vocation: 1st-person science, subjective observation.

Bio…logy class, 11th grade: “I’m made of what?!”

BS Psychobiology, 15th grade: “Okay, so then… how do brains work?”

MS Cognitive Neuroscience, 17th – 18th grade: “Oooh, let’s take pictures (MRIs) of brain networks”

PhD Cognitive Neuroscience, 19th – 23rd grade: “There’s a whole lot of data up in this science!”

Introspective Journey, 21st grade – Present: “Hmm, science can only address topics that we can measure…”

Presently, living at the edge of measurement: “Bringing rigorous scientific innovation to human problems that are hard to measure”

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