Statistics Tutoring

stats made simple

My specialties in tutoring are:

  1. Using simple visuals, not equations
  2. Helping you see statistics, intuitively
  3. Speaking to your listening

We can cover a lot of ground in a short time, building you a solid foundation so you can continue learning on your own.

Tutoring Services

  • Statistics in School: high school – doctoral statistics (biostatistics, econometrics, etc) courses and projects
  • Statistics in Life: custom curriculum tailored to your personal and professional goals (for deliverables see Data Science Consulting)
  • Research Design
  • Programming in R
  • Scientific Communication: writing, editing, presentations
  • Study Skills: exam prep, project management, time management
  • Mentoring: motivation, self-awareness, dissertations, accountability
  • Other Courses and Topics: cognitive neuroscience, neuroimaging, biology, writing/editing



Michael has been a huge support in learning Statistics and R! His patience and ability to breakdown the process in an easy to follow format are unmatched by most educators. I will be requesting his assistance throughout the duration of my graduate statistics course. He’s truly an asset to those seeking to learn statistics!


Michael was extremely helpful in helping me prepare for my consumer research exam. I went in knowing barely anything and I came out with a strong grip on the subject in the matter of a little over an hour. I would highly recommend using him if you need help because he is great!!

I built my foundation in statistics during my PhD training. I went under the hood of statistics, and learned how data can be moved.

  • Algebra gives the rules of how data move
  • Geometry shows the picture of how data move
  • Calculus is the engine that moves them

With this deep study under my belt, I can help you learn to see statistics in a way that most teachers or tutors simply can’t.  

“To deal with hyper-planes in a 14-dimensional space, visualize a 3-D space and say ‘fourteen’ to yourself very loudly”

– Geoffrey E Hinton

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